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Latest SETI paper

SETI@Home News - Thu, 2015-08-27 16:08
SETI@home Director Eric Korpela's most recent SETI paper "Modeling Indications of Technology in Planetary Transit Light Curves - Dark-side Illumination" (in collaboration with Prof. Shauna Sallmen) has been published by the Astrophysical Journal. A preprint is available at arXiv.
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Jack Hickish video profile

SETI@Home News - Tue, 2015-08-25 20:59
Jack Hickish, a visiting scholar from Cambridge University, talks about how new technologies are transforming SETI, in our latest video profile.
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Dan Werthimer radio interview

SETI@Home News - Wed, 2015-08-12 18:10
Here's a one hour radio interview featuring Berkeley SETI Research Center's Dan Werthimer that aired on CBC radio last weekend.
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SETI.German announces fourth Wow! event

SETI@Home News - Fri, 2015-08-07 21:24
To celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Wow! signal, SETI.Germany is organizing a SETI@home crunching competition from Aug 15th to Aug 29th. Everyone is welcome!
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work production off overnight

SETI@Home News - Fri, 2015-08-07 02:18
The science database is down while we make a copy for offline data analysis. This is taking a bit longer than anticipated. During this period work production is off. We hope to resume work production tomorrow morning.
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Big boost for SETI@home from Yuri Milner's Breakthrough Listen Initiative

SETI@Home News - Mon, 2015-07-20 15:01
SETI@home and Berkeley SETI Research Center are proud to be participating in the new Breakthrough Listen initiative, that will dramatically expand the search for life beyond Earth.
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David Anderson interview

SETI@Home News - Tue, 2015-07-14 20:02
David Anderson, co-creator of SETI@home and Director of BOINC, took some time to chat with us recently.
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Matt Lebofsky on hacking your job, and managing SETI data

SETI@Home News - Mon, 2015-07-06 18:29
Developer Matt Lebofsky is key to keeping SETI@home software & databases running. Check out our latest video profile of one of the guys who sends you your work units.
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Questions and Answers

SETI@Home News - Tue, 2015-06-23 21:51
We put out a call on Twitter and Facebook for questions for our scientists and engineers. We picked seven of the submissions and had our team give short answers.

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Eric Korpela on UFOs and Conspiracy Theories

SETI@Home News - Fri, 2015-06-12 18:20
Berkeley SETI Research Center Project Scientist Eric Korpela talks about giant red aliens, sky queens, and what we'll do when we make contact. Check out our latest video profile at
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The challenges of funding SETI

SETI@Home News - Wed, 2015-06-03 18:00
Getting a steady stream of funding for SETI research is a challenge, as BSRC Director Andrew Siemion explains in this short video.
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SETI@Home News - Thu, 2015-05-21 17:55
Check out SETI@Andalucía, a new Spanish-language web site about SETI and SETI@home.
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Video interview with Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute

SETI@Home News - Mon, 2015-05-18 17:53
Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute recently visited Berkeley SETI Research Center and took time to chat with us about challenges in the search (including funding!), as well as why he thinks we have a chance to detect ETI during the next couple of decades. Watch the four minute video at
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Network Outage - Sunday May 17th

SETI@Home News - Wed, 2015-05-13 20:08
On Sunday, May 17th campus is upgrading the network infrastructure at the facility hosting our servers. We will bringing the projects down for about 6-8 hours (starting at 8am, Pacific Time) to avoid complications during the upgrade.
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Shelley Wright: Is ET using infrared lasers to communicate?

SETI@Home News - Mon, 2015-05-11 17:16
Shelley Wright, a former postdoctoral scientist in the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department, and now faculty at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, visited Berkeley SETI Research Center recently to talk about infrared and optical SETI, and how ET might be using huge lasers to communicate. Watch our four minute video interview at
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