GPUUG's' Donated Servers Make it Into SETI@Home's Equipment Rack

It's nice to see the GPUUG's hard work and all of the donations from SETI@Home's loyal supporters come to fruition.  In a recent post by SETI@Home's system administrator, Matt Lebofsky, he shared a photo of the new hardware installed in their server rack and humming away happily.  He also shared a photo of one of the newly-donated Shuttle workstations connected to an old Sun monitor, what appears to be an Apple keyboard, and enou Read more »

Mar. 31, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here's a quick update on what we're up to.

1. We started a small fundraiser to purchase Keyboards and Mice for the SETI at Home lab.  This fundraiser was our shortest and was completed mere hours after it began.  As a result we have ordered the 3 Logitech keyboards and 3 Logitech mice for the SETI at Home lab.  You can view this purchase and its tracking information (once provided by Newegg) by visiting Read more »

Mar. 25, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's an update on what we're working on at the moment.

1. SETI at Home has requested two Shuttle Workstations for their office.  We purchased one shuttle with preexisting funds in our account and finalized a fundraiser on 03/23/2012 for the remaining shuttle.  At the time of this post one shuttle has been delivered to SETI at Home while the other was ordered on 03/23/2012.  You can track the progress of these purchases by visiting Read more »

March 08, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Heres a quick update on the current status of the project:

1. Both the Astropulse/NTPCKR and Download/Upload servers have been delivered to the SETI at Home offices.  If you'd like to see what we paid, check up on the tracking information and so forth, please visit 

2. I'd like to point out proudly that both servers have been paid for in full thanks to the generosity of our donors.  You can track our expendatures by visiting both and Read more »

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