Mar. 31, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here's a quick update on what we're up to.

1. We started a small fundraiser to purchase Keyboards and Mice for the SETI at Home lab.  This fundraiser was our shortest and was completed mere hours after it began.  As a result we have ordered the 3 Logitech keyboards and 3 Logitech mice for the SETI at Home lab.  You can view this purchase and its tracking information (once provided by Newegg) by visiting

2. We have updated our Hardware Donations section to include more items for direct hardware donation.  Over this weekend we will be adding a few more items and generally tidying up that area of the website.  You can visit this section by going to

3. The Second Workstation for SETI at Home has been delivered in full to the SETI lab.  It should be constructed next week and pressed into service during the same time frame.  I'll be updating the GPU Users Group website with the good news once it rolls in.

4.  We're making slow but steady progress on our JBOD Hotswap / Transport Drives Fundraiser.  Please consider donating either monetarily or donating a physical drive so we can eventually maximize uptime for the JBOD array.  You can donate toward this project by visiting

That's all I have for this newsletter, I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director of the GPU Users Group Inc.