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Unused Grocery Delivery

unused grocery delivery algorithm

Grocery stores throw out a lot of food. It happens because the food expires or just because there is simply not enough space to store it all. But that food could be used to feed the homeless or families who do not earn enough income to adequately provide for their nutritional needs. So here's a question ... how do you allocate food that can be donated to families in needs, before it goes bad?  

Well, if you are talking about a large grocery chain, then you're talking about AI predictive technology that sits on top of the inventory systems. That is exactly what this project is developing.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

production planning algorithms

There are a lot of ways that manufacturers can reduce waste. There are also a lot of ways that manufacturers can make products in a way that substitutes dangerous chemicals, both inside the products, and also the ones that are used and released during the manufacturing process itself.

So why not do both?  When not reduce the amount of chemicals being used and substitute safe ones wherever possible. The first part is an exercise in production planning and scheduling. The second one is about knowing alternatives. Both use computing power to generate a positive outcome.

Wastewater Irrigation

Water insecurity is a growing problem not just in the places we are used to hearing about it, like Africa and Southeast Asia. It is becoming a real issue worldwide. Why is this the case?  Because a lot of the ground water is being used up, because the water is being contaminated, and because there is a growing population that simply needs more water.

How do we solve this challenge?  By taking the wastewater, so called grey water, and finding ways to use it. That way freshwater does not need to be used. How do we figure what grey water can be used for what applications safely, cost efficient ways to process it, and also how to transport it efficiently? Data crunching!