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How Will We Use Your Funding?

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More Space

Housing the GPU farm requires space and we are at the moment running out. It also requires energy to run the farm. And finally the GPUs generate a lot of heat. That requires cooling. And in fact, cooling is one of the biggest challenges. Fortunately there is a solution to most of these problems ... it's called Iceland. Why? Well, Iceland is very cold all year long, so no energy intensive air-conditioning is required at all. We just need to run a few fans and the cold air can come in from outside and the hot air can blown outdoors.

Second of all, Iceland sits on top of geothermal springs ... literally lava. And they have figured out how to turn that heat into energy. That means we will have plenty of cheap energy to power the farm.

Finally, space in our current location is very expensive due to real-estate prices. But in Iceland, real-estate is much more cost-effective. In fact we already have our eye on a location where we can move our existing farm. But we still need additional funds.

We would like to thank Optessa for supporting the Eco-Friendly Manufacturing project!

But we still need a lot more help. That's where you come in :)


More & More Powerful GPUs

We run a farm of servers powered by GPUs. But our project is fairly young and so we went with the cheapest GPUs available. These have worked well so far and we are currently able to run 3 full scale projects off of our farm.

But if we want to get involved in more complex projects, we will need to upgrade not only the number of GPUs that we have available, but the types of GPUs. We have our heart set on the following models:

1. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti
2. AMD RX 580
3. Nvidia 1080Ti
4. AMD Radeon VII
5. Nvidia GTX 1070
6. Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090
7. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060Ti

With your help we would love to add these GPUs to our server farm. We are happy to accept funds to purchase these graphics cards, suggestions of where we can buy them cheaper in bulk, or even used donations.

Speaking of donations, we would like to thank ONE PCBA for donating 10 AMD RX 580 cards! That was a big help!

GPU server farm expansion
cool new non-profit ideas

Cool New Projects

Of course, our GPUs are useless without cool projects that they can power. That's the main goal right? You can see the 3 projects we are working on right now. And we are making faster progress than we even expected. That means that we will need new projects to work on.

If you are a student, freelancer, or employee who has an idea of how to use computing power to make the world a better place, please reach out to us below and tell us your idea. We promise to keep it 100% confidential, whether we are able to provide you with funding or not.

We are happy to support any project as long as it goes in line with the Non-Profit ethos. It can't be for profit and it has to be open source. What you discover you have to share for free with the world!

Speaking of cool project ideas. We want to thank the Arizona State University's School of Sustainability for a cool new project idea. As soon as we have the funding we will be sending computing power your way.


Our Projects

Check out the project our users are working on!

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